Issues Pending

    1. Honoring Best Five Veterinarians
      Punjab council has decided to honor five best veterinarians from various wings of the department an college of Veterinary Science every year of Rs 5000/- in cash, a shawl of identical amount and a certificate would be awarded to each such Veterinarian.
    2. Livestock Development Policy
      Various Committees ware constituted for the preparation of fresh policy drafts in respect of the following species of animals :
      1. Cattle Breeding.                                        2. Buffalo Breeding.
      3. improvement Of Equines.                        4. Rabbit Breeding.
      5. Control of rabies.
    3. Poultry, Pig feed and their mineral mixtures control order 
      Punjab Council has sent draft control order in respect of poultry and pig feeds and their mixtures to the State Govt. so that these products are manufactured and sold which are of quality and conform to BIS specifications. This will further push up their level of productivity.
    4.  Syllabus for PCS Examination 
      Syllabus for PCS Examination includes a full-fledged paper on agriculture. Punjab Council has approached the State Govt. to have a Full Fledged Question Paper in animal husbandry of similar weightage as that agriculture. The matter is under consideration of the PPSC.
    5. Improvement in the working of the Polyclinics
      It has been recommended to the State Govt. that 24 hours service to the livestock be provided at all the Polyclinics. For this purpose residences for the specialists and the staff be provided in the premises of the polyclinics. It has also been proposed to appoint the senior most officer in the Polyclinic as officer incharge of the institution.
    6. Vet  Drug Control Act
      Vets and Veterinary profession are facing a lot of difficulties with the present Drug Control and Cosmetic Act 1940. The draft for separate veterinary drug control Act has been prepared by the Punjab Council for enactment as Central Act to be adopted by various State Govt's.
    7. Round the Clock Vet Care
      A committee was constituted by the Council to study the provision of Round the Clock Vet Care. The committee has sent it's report in the matter, which has been transmitted, to the State Govt. for necessary action at their end.
    8. Control Of Chhatbir Zoo
      The issue was taken by the Punjab Council for control of Chhatbir Zoo by the Veterinarians. The issue is lying pending at the level of State Government.

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