Privileges of Registered Veterinary Practitioner

No person other than a registered veterinary practitioner, shall-

(a)   hold office as veterinary physician or surgeon or any other like office by whatever name called in Government or in any institution maintained by a local or other authority.

(b)  practice veterinary medicine in any state provided that the State Govt. may, by order, permit a person holding a diploma or certificate of Vety. supervisor, stockman or stock assistant (by whatever name called) of any state or any veterinary institution in India, to render , under the supervision and direction of a registered veterinary practitioner, minor veterinary services. Explanation: "Minor veterinary Services" means the rendering of preliminary veterinary aid, like vaccination ,castration and dressing of wounds, and as such other types of preliminary aid or the treatment of such ailments as the state Govt. may by notification in the official Gazette, specify in this behalf;

c)  be entitled to sign or authenticate a veterinary health certificate or nay other certificate required by any law to be signed or authenticated by a duly qualified veterinary practitioner;

(d) be entitled to give evidence at any inquest or in any court of laws as an expert under section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act,1872, or any matter relating to veterinary medicine.
It is therefore, evident that even the veterinarians processing a recognized veterinary qualification has to get herself/himself first registered with the Punjab State Veterinary Council before holding the Public office origin for private practice of veterinary medicine. Pharmacists as such can render minor veterinary service and that too under the supervision and direction of a registered veterinary practitioner. Such practitioners are only entitled to issue a veterinary health certificate ands a post-mortem certificate. No body else can exercise such an authority. Persons indulging in illegitimate veterinary practice are liable to be prosecuted and punished under the Act



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